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Financial Advice & Assistance

How did we get in this financial mess?

Everyday the news reports about more banks in trouble, more need for financial assistance (bailouts) and more worries.

For many people, this picture is too large to fully understand. For others it is hitting at home. Everyone is effected, some more than others.

Do you understand? Many of our members didn't, and then we found this video. In its simplicity, it explains a lot, and for some clears up the confusion. Make sure your sound is up on your computer and click on the arrow to start the video.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.


43 percent of U.S. couples are arguing more about money because of the current economic situation?
10 percent of couples have ended a relationship due at least in part to financial issues?
Money is the number one cause of arguments among U.S. couples (31 percent) followed by household chores (28 percent), in-laws (22 percent) and sex (15 percent)?
(Source- 2009 Paypal survey)
Don't become one of these statistics, get the help you need instead

Regardless of how this crisis occurred, each person made a choice in their own lives, whether by greed or desire for more.  Personal coaches and medical counselors state that taking responsibility for your personal situation is the first step toward change toward improving.  The financial assistance articles may be the starting point for some. The links below are for products and workshops that have helped others redirect their focus, remap their lives and learn from others who are doing it.

    One Decision Can Change Your Life Forever       Practice secrets used by millionaires     Sedona Training Associates - The Sedona Method


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Financial Assistance Articles:

    Simplicity of Getting Grants
   Give Yourself the Edge When Seeking Capital 
    Think Like A Millionaire
    Ten Steps to Financial Freedom
   10 Easy Ways To Organize Your Business Finances
   Quick Ways to Get Through a Cash Crunch 

   How did we get in this financial mess?
   FICO Credit Score Changes - Advice for Consumers

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