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Getting the best results from your website

In today’s world of technology it is nearly impossible to do business without a web presence. Your  website should be a part of and enhance your overall marketing package. In the past, significant efforts and money were spent on print, TV and Radio advertising. The big companies knew that in order to capture your attention, they had to be everywhere you looked. You can see today that all the major companies have a tie in to  and from their website with all their other marketing venues.


Many people jumped onto the internet and set up their website – and then stopped. Search engines look for active, current  and popular websites in their search efforts. So even with a web site, unless you keep it updated and active, it may fall to the bottom of the results, if it shows at all.

You can choose to design and optimize your website yourself. There are many classes to assist you in doing this. Many companies offer easy fill-in-the-blanks website templates.  You can choose a webmaster to design your website for you. In making this decision or any decision regarding your website, you must know what you want.


Here are a few suggestions to assist you in maximizing your website:


Start with a plan.

 40% of businesses with a current, researched,  written strategic marketing plan
will double their business within two years of writing their plan.

With a current, researched, written strategic marketing plan,
greater than 70% of these businesses will exceed their own expectations
within the next 5 years- regardless of the economy.


Answer these questions:
1. What do you want your website to accomplish?

2. Are you going to do all the work yourself, employ a webmaster, or a combination of both?

3. What is your budget?

4. Is your web site going to include photos & graphics, animation, information gathering forms, audio, video or flash??
Make a list of everything.

5. If you are going to sell items on your site, do you have a credit card processing company, a shopping cart or other 3rd party processing vendors?
6. Are you going to include
Affiliate links on your website?

7. Visit other websites and make note of what you LIKE on each site. This will assist you deigning a website that you like.

8. What image do you want your site to project?

9. What type of visitors are you seeking to attract?
10. What type of marketing and advertising will you do to promote your website after it is

11. How often will you update your website?


These questions are simply a start. Once you build your foundation, the creative updating process continues.


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About the Author, Sumner M. Davenport
Sumner is an Results Coach, Niche & Multi-Channel Internet Marketing Consultant, Best Selling Author and Speaker.
Her deepest passion is to see people empowering others while living the life of their dreams. As a Coach she employs a unique method of clarifying goals which assists her clients to break out of their habitual box of thinking and planning. She can be reached through her website:

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