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What is your USP?

Whether you are a solopreneur or a salesperson, service person, coach or counselor – you have one. Every successful business has one, so does every religion and spiritual organization. 

For some people it is so unique it is instantly recognizable, for others it simply a “me too”. 

Your USP = Your Unique Selling Proposition 
Your Unique Service Position 
Your Unique Selling or Service Personality 

The key word and constant is “unique”. What sets you apart from everyone else in your same or remotely similar profession? It is this uniqueness that attracts people to you, makes people want to tell others why they should also know you and/or do business with you. It’s more than customer testimonials. It’s who you are, why you are doing what you do and what’s in it for your customer/client? 

The more you understand your own USP, the greater other people will see it in you and respond to it as well. 

What’s your USP?

What do your customers and prospects need to know about you, that is to “their benefit”?



About the Author, Sumner M. Davenport
Sumner is an Results Coach, Niche & Multi-Channel Internet Marketing Consultant, Best Selling Author and Speaker.
Her deepest passion is to see people empowering others while living the life of their dreams. As a Coach she employs a unique method of clarifying goals which assists her clients to break out of their habitual box of thinking and planning. She can be reached through her website:


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