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How Private is Your Information?

Banks and credit card companies have been gathering information about your spending habits and locations for years. Some banks will be so kind as to send you a categorized summary each month of how you spent your money.  If they are keeping track of it in the manner for you, then what else are they doing with the information?

Grocery store courtesy cards gather enough information about your purchases that could be used to market additional products to you, or used against you.  By offering consumers a discount for disclosing their personal buying habits, the grocery stores can gather information that can

When you signup for their customer appreciation program to receive exclusive savings and other offers, how many people actually receive your information. It may only start with your name and address, however, many of them now ask for your phone number and your email address.  I use a special email address for any of these programs I enroll into and I watch how many new, unsolicited, emails I start receiving.

Until recently I was receiving phone calls from a merchant stated he was affiliated with my credit card provider, and he had additional offers I might be interested in. He would give me the last four digits of my credit card number as verification that was meant to prove he was legitimate. I called my credit card company, and write a letter to confirm, that I was not pleased about this practice. They told me that as long as I had their card, they were authorized, and stated in the fine print of their contract, that they could share marketing information about me to selected affiliates of their choice. The only way to stop the practice was to not have their card. I no no longer have their card.

A few weeks ago ABC News reported that companies secretly gather social media info and sell it to banks, lenders and others for their marketing and investigative purposes. 

Personal information is more accessible than it has ever been and the availability is increasing. Companies use your information to market products to you, determine if you are credit worthy, a viable employee or what discounts to give you on insurance and other services.  All the more reason to be diligent on what you post online and share with others.


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About the Author, Sumner M. Davenport
Sumner is an Results Coach, Niche & Multi-Channel Internet Marketing Consultant, Best Selling Author and Speaker.
Her deepest passion is to see people empowering others while living the life of their dreams. As a Coach she employs a unique method of clarifying goals which assists her clients to break out of their habitual box of thinking and planning. She can be reached through her website:

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