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 We can't know with all certainty that the promises these MLM/Network Marketing Companies make are true, or if the persons who are making the promises are actually creating the results they advertise. Our goals are to provide answers, information, resources and support to entrepreneurs. There are many legitimate Network marketing companies. We will be monitoring this section, and these companies and doing our best to provide feedback on our findings.

We are not owners, members, distributors or affiliates of any of these listed companies.

As featured on KNX Radio Money Talk 101: XOCAI healthy Chocolate

Mary Kay Cosmetics




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Articles, Tips & Resources:

FTC and Pyramid Schemes and recommended tips to consider before investing

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Make Your Own Destiny: Guides to Start a Business Get ideas, get inspiration, just remember the success of your plan will be based on your input and your commitment. It's more than just copying someone else's idea.


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