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Quick Ways to Get Through a Cash Crunch.
Nearly every small business will face a cash flow crunch at some point, when money flowing into your company is not enough to cover short-term payables. It can be triggered by any number of factors...(more)

How did we get into this financial mess? Do you understand. Many of our members didn't, so...(more)

"If all it takes to be wealthy is money... why is it that lottery winners almost always end up right back where they started?" James Arthur Ray

Think about it, the research is both definitive and sobering. Rich people who win the lottery stay rich. That's their normal state. Middle class people who win the lottery soon end up back at middle class because that's their normal state. And unfortunately, those who are broke and win the lottery quickly return to being broke. Because again, that's their normal state. The amount of money you have (or don't have) is a mere reflection of who you are. If you think broke... you'll always come back to being broke. And if you think wealthy... you'll always return to wealth.

Million Dollar Mindset

Self-made millionaire James Arthur Ray is transforming the way the world thinks.  James is the President and CEO of James Ray International, a multi-million dollar corporation dedicated to teaching individuals to create wealth in all areas of their lives: financially, relationally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

No matter where you currently are in your life, you know you deserve and want more. The only way to get more is to do something differently... Get started today, click on the Millionaire Mindset banner.

Give Yourself the Edge When Seeking Capital . Whether you're looking for a small, short-term loan or actively pitching venture capitalists, strong preparation and planning can improve your chances of finding financing. You need to put your small business in the best possible financial light to make a good impression on prospective sources. Take time up front to get yourself ready for this process. Here are 10 things you can do ...(more)

Free Credit Report & Score Instantly

What Small Business Needs to know about Venture Capital Small businesses never seem to have enough money. Bankers and suppliers, naturally, are important in financing small business growth through loans and credit, but an equally important source of long term growth capital is the venture capital firm....(more)




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   Quick Ways to Get Through a Cash Crunch 

   How did we get in this financial mess?
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Warren Buffett

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US Small Business Administration News:
SBA Launches GO Loan Pilot Program to Strengthen Bank's Role in Accelerating Small Business Recovery


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