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Goal Setting /Achieving

When you start to focus on what you desire –

“Things do not change; we change.“
~ Henry David Thoreau ~
As you start to focus on what you desire – your behaviors will begin to change. And as you begin to reach your goals and receive your desires – you will change.

If your desire is to have more money, and you focus on having that, you will change – you will find yourself behaving with more ease of spending as your money increases. You will begin to think and act with more confidence that you will continue to receive the money you desire and deserve. You will begin to focus on having even more money, and watching for the opportunities that will bring it to you.

If your desire is to have a healthier or slimmer body, and you focus on having that, you will change. Your behavior will change. You will relinquish excuses and watch for ways to support yourself in having the body you have always dreamed about. You will find your self-image will change as your body changes. You will find your body changing as your self image changes.

If your desire is to have more “things” and you focus on having them, you will change. You will find yourself enjoying the things you already have, the new things you get, and you will feel confident each time you add a new thing to your list of desires.

When you start to receive those things that you are placing you new focus on, you will begin to raise the level of your desires. Your faith and self confidence will increase. You will complain less and watch your words more carefully.

People will notice. Some will admire you, some will criticize.

“The really great people make you feel that you too can become great.”  
~ Mark Twain ~

Sometimes even your most loving friends and family can be your greatest detractors by enabling you stay with your excuses.

To get what YOU desire, you must embrace Change.

"Pay no attention to what the critics say.
A statue has never been erected in honor of a critic."

Jean Sibelius

You can tell the level of a commitment a person has to their stated desires, by what they do everyday, and the results they produce.

“How we spend our days is, of course,
how we spend our lives.” 
~ Annie Dillard ~

What is the difference between a goal and a result?

Some people mistakenly state a result or an action as their goal. Is there a difference? Determine for yourself:

A VISION, a clear concise picture of your desire, a commitment prompting you to do something, create something. A dream that motivates you.

Goals = are the incremental targets in the direction of your larger Vision.

Result = an outcome; an effect of an action taken or not taken.

Action = the state of physically doing something

Intention = TENDing to your commitment to your goal from withlN; being conscious of your thoughts and statements; accepting inspired guidance.

Benchmark = measurements of actions with intended results


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When you start to focus on what you desire , you will change


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