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20 Ways to Tell Someone "NO"
By Ramona Creel

Tell me if this sounds familiar -- someone asks you to do something that you really don’t want to do or you honestly don’t have time for. It might be a church bake sale, a school fundraiser, participating on a committee, or even just working late. But you feel like you will let the other person down if you say no. You feel GUILTY already, and you haven’t even responded yet! So you say, “Sure,” even though doing so is going to put you under tremendous stress and PRESSURE. You know that you will probably end up resenting this activity, and maybe even ducking some of your responsibilities because your heart’s just not in it, but you go ahead and agree anyway.

Why are we so afraid to tell people "no”? :
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The Value of Your Time
By Sumner M. Davenport

At a conference this year, I heard many self employed and small business owners lamenting how hard they were working, yet not gaining any new business growth or profit. In today’s business environment many emerging entrepreneurs mistakenly attempt to wear
all the hats when running their business. Instead of hiring someone to conduct some of the work for them, they mistakenly believe that they are saving money by doing everything themselves.

For every hour you spend during prime business growing hours working on tasks that are costing you (ie your website, your marketing copy, accounting) you are actually losing up to twice that amount ..(read full article)

There's no such thing as time management!
However there is
such a thing as self management and
that's the key to making time your ally rather than your enemy.


The Effective Manager Seminar Series: Executive Time Management You owe it to yourself to arm yourself with Executive Time Management skills. By prioritizing, your tasks you will become more effective and productive.

Your company may not have all the money in the world, but you can still have the best training in the world. With the rate of business failures today, it's important to start out with an effective business strategy. Brian Tracy will teach you all of the various components of an effective business strategy. Learn the same strategies that all successful business are built on.

A must for present and future business owners.



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